Items as Resources plugin


Overview of the Items as Resources plugin for the DevEx CLI.

Using the Sitecore CLI Items as Resources plugin, you can create an item package in a resource file with configurable options. Items as Resources is a capability that extends the possible sources for Sitecore items. It lets you load a subset of items from precompiled resource items on disk and merges them into the user-visible content tree.

Items are still loaded and presented in the content tree and work just like regular Sitecore items. When you make a change and save, it copies the entire item to the content database.

This functionality supports and simplifies several scenarios:

  • Continuous integration and container-friendly deployment

  • Disk-only installation of modules with easy composition and support for uninstallation

  • Continuous integration scenarios for solution developers with blue-green deployment of code and definition items together

  • Version upgrades


For more information on installing and using the Items as Resources plugin, see The CLI itemres command.