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Configure Sitecore Power BI health reports


Use Power BI to view the enhanced health metrics of your Sitecore solution running on Azure.

You can use the Power BI Health Reports template with the Sitecore solutions that use the Sitecore Azure Toolkit. The health reports provide summaries of the metrics for your Sitecore solution, including:

  • Interactions and errors when aggregating interactions

  • Contacts processed and errors when processing contacts

  • Requests by type

  • Cache hits and misses

Before you can use the Sitecore Power BI Heath Reports template and configure the reports to extract information from your Azure subscription, you must have the following:

To view the metrics in your Power BI health reports, you must connect your Sitecore Power BI Health Reports.pbit file to the Microsoft Power BI desktop application.

To connect the template file to your Azure Application Insights:

  1. In the PowerBI application, to open the Sitecore Power BI Health Reports.pbit file, double-click the file or click File open.


    Power BI requests the application ID (AppId) of the Azure Application Insights that you want to report on.

  2. To locate the Application ID, log in to the Azure portal and select the relevant subscription.

  3. Open the Application Insights instance.

  4. In the menu, under Configure, expand the API Access tab.

  5. To copy the Application ID, click the blue icon 781366092F034C5BB24C4232F94361F7.png to the right of the Application ID field.

  6. In Power BI, paste the Application ID into the AppId field, and click Load.

  7. Power BI prompts you for authentication. The default authentication is Anonymous, however, you must change it to Basic.


Next, you must generate the password using the Azure portal:

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select the relevant subscription.

  3. Open the Application Insights instance.

  4. In the menu, under Configure, expand the API Access tab.

  5. Click Create API key.

  6. Enter a name for the key and select the Read telemetry and Authenticate SDK control channel check boxes.

  7. Click Generate Key. Azure assigns a key for you to use as a password in the Basic authentication dialog box.

  8. To copy the key, click the blue icon to the right of the Key field.



    Microsoft does not store the key; therefore, it is a good idea to paste the key into a text file so that you have access to it later.

  9. In the Access Web content dialog box, paste the key into the Password field and click Connect.


To view the metrics of your Sitecore installation:

  • In your Power BI desktop, click the tabs at the bottom of the page to access the following Power BI health reports:

    • Interactions

    • Contacts

    • Requests

    • Aggregated Cache Hits/Misses

    • Data Cache Hits/Misses

    • Geo IP Reads/Cache Hits

    • Locations