Deploy a Sitecore XP pre-release to a PaaS solution


Use pre-release WDPs to update your solution.

Since Sitecore XP 10.1.0, Sitecore distributes pre-releases of the next update release to provide customers with fixes for their hotfix requests. The pre-releases are cumulative, and each pre-release contains all the changes that were implemented in the earlier pre-releases in that series. These pre-releases are then all rolled into the next update release, for example, Sitecore XP 10.1 Update 2.


These instructions only apply to Sitecore XP10.1.1 and later.

The pre-releases are available on request from Sitecore Customer Support.

Each pre-release contains a number Web Deployment Packages (WDPs) that you deploy to update your Sitecore XP solution.

To update your Sitecore XP PaaS solution with a Sitecore XP pre-release, you must request the pre-release from Sitecore Customer Support and use the WDPs to update each server role in your Sitecore solution.

When you deploy a pre-release to a Sitecore XP PaaS solution, the App Service Plans may have changes since your last deployment. We therefore recommend that you update your deployment scripts and ARM templates to use the latest App Service Plans.

To update a server role in a Sitecore XP PaaS solution, edit the azuredeploy.parameters.json file and update the URL to point to  the Sitecore server role.

The following example uses Azure Toolkit:

"cmMsDeployPackageUrl": { "value": "Link to the WDP package" },

You must repeat this procedure for every Sitecore XP server role in your solution.

If you deploy your PaaS solution without using Sitecore Azure Toolkit, for example with Visual Studio, you must add your own path to apply the pre-release WDPs.

For more information about how to deploy a WDP package, see the topic Deploying a new Sitecore environment to the Microsoft Azure App Service .