Sitecore public NuGet feed FAQ

Current version: 10.1

This topic is about Sitecore Experience Platform. There is a similar topic for Sitecore Commerce.

Sitecore supports the NuGet package management system for distributing new Sitecore packages. This list answers some of the most frequently asked questions about using NuGet and Sitecore together.


The Sitecore NuGet packages are intended for use at build-time only. NuGet packages are not meant for use in a runtime environment. Ensure that your runtime environment only contains the assemblies that are required for your solution.



What is the URL of the NuGet feeds?

The URLs for the NuGet feeds are:

  • NuGet V3 feed URL (Visual Studio 2015+)

  • PowerShell NuGet:

  • Browse packages


The Sitecore Gallery has links to all NuGet feeds.

When are the packages available?

Sitecore intends to make packages available as soon as the releases are available.

However, Sitecore does not guarantee that the NuGet packages will be available at the same time as the product, module, or version is released.

What about hotfixes?

Sitecore currently has no plan for distributing hotfixes in this way.

Will there be a private feed for MVPs who get the release early?

We have no plans for a separate MVP feed yet.

Are there packages for CMS 7.x, 8.0, 8.1, and so on?

We have released NuGet packages for most versions of Sitecore since Sitecore 7.2 - including every update.

What about Nexus?

Nexus is also in the feed.

What about modules?

We release NuGet packages for every module - if it is appropriate to make it available.

What about the external references: NewtonSoft, Telerik, and so on?

External referenced assemblies are handled as follows:

  • Commercially licensed products, for example, Telerik.Web.UI, and ComponentArt.Web.UI are not in the feed, and we do not plan to include them. You can create your own INTERNAL NuGet server and proxy the Sitecore feed, thereby making it possible to have internal private packages that contain the commercial assemblies.

    Remember that you are not permitted to make any packages available in any public feeds that consist of either Sitecore assemblies or that contain the commercially licensed assemblies that are distributed by Sitecore.

  • We have tried to resolve all the public references that are available at as NuGet packages. There are some packages that we could not include for technical reasons.

  • All the packages that are not referenced are listed in the description of the packages.

What about the Copy Local flag in the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio?

We have not done anything to set Copy Local on referenced assemblies because NuGet v. 3.x does not support the creation of additional PowerShell operations when consuming the packages using project.json.

What is actually in the packages?

The packages consist of several levels:

  • The top-level package is a meta-package called “Sitecore”.

  • The top-level meta-package contains references to assembly packages that reflect the assemblies in the full platform.

  • Every assembly package only contains one Sitecore assembly and the references to any dependencies for that assembly resolved from

  • All the packages are versioned with a version number that follows the platform release. For example, for the Sitecore 8.2 rev. 160729 release, we have created corresponding packages that are versioned 8.2.160729.

Can we use Hedgehog or the SIM tool for NuGet packages?

Sitecore has worked closely with the Hedgehog team and in future they will consume NuGet packages directly from this feed.

Sitecore does not recommend using NuGet packages that are generated by the SIM tool, and developers should move to use the latest version from this private feed.

Where is the Sitecore license for NuGet packages?

You can find the license file here: Sitecore Artifact License Agreement.

Which version of SIF should I use ?

When you install a Sitecore NuGet package, you must use the appropriate version of SIF.

For more information about which version of SIF you should use, see the SIF Configuration Guide.

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