Commerce items as resources


An overview of the Commerce items resource files.

Starting with Sitecore Experience Commerce 10.2, Commerce items are provided as Sitecore resource files (.dat). During Sitecore initialization, Sitecore loads Commerce items as a subset of items from precompiled resource items on disk, and merges them into the user-visible content tree.

Your default Sitecore XC deployment includes items as resources (.dat) files stored in the master, core and web folders.

The inetpub/wwwroot/<Sitecore>/sitecore modules/items/core folder contains the following items as resources files:

  • connect.items.core.dat

  • connect.xanalytics.items.core.dat

  • connect.xprofiles.items.core.dat

  • engine.connect.items.core.dat

  • items.core.spe.dat

  • items.core.sxa.dat

The inetpub/wwwroot/<Sitecore>/sitecore modules/items/master folder contains the following items as resources files:

  • connect.items.master.dat

  • connect.marketingautomation.items.master.dat

  • connect.sample.items.master.dat

  • connect.xanalytics.items.master.dat

  • engine.connect.items.master.dat

  • engine.connect.sample.items.master.dat

  • items.master.spe.dat

  • items.master.sxa.dat

  • xa.habitat.items.master.dat

  • xa.items.master.dat

  • xa.storefront.items.master.dat

  • xa.themes.items.master.dat

The inetpub/wwwroot/<Sitecore>/sitecore modules/items/web folder contains the following items as resources files:

  • connect.items.web.dat

  • connect.marketingautomation.items.web.dat

  • connect.sample.items.web.dat

  • connect.xanalytics.items.web.dat

  • engine.connect.items.web.dat

  • engine.connect.sample.items.web.dat

  • items.web.spe.dat

  • items.web.sxa.dat

  • xa.habitat.items.web.dat

  • xa.items.master.dat

  • xa.storefront.items.web.dat

  • xa.themes.items.web.dat