Configure the Cortex Processing Engine for task registration


How to configure the minimum number of days that a contact has not interacted, or when an interaction started, for purge tasks.

You can specify the minimum number of days the contact has not interacted with the brand for contact data purge operations. Also, you can specify the minimum number of days that must pass after an interaction started for interaction data purge operations.


The minimum available value is 180 days by default.

To configure the minimum number of days:

  • Open the configuration file <Processing Engine>\App_Data\Config\Sitecore\Processing\sc.XConnect.DataPurge.Validation.xml and modify the MinimumContactCutoffDays or the MinimumInteractionStartedDaysCutoff value.


When the configuration setting changes, you must manually restart the Cortex Processing Engine.

When registering a purge task (direct request through the Web API or the DevEx CLI plugin), the purging tool checks the CutoffDays or StartedDaysCutoff parameter against the specified MinimumContactCutoffDays or MinimumInteractionStartedDaysCutoff values accordingly. This prevents registering a task that deletes all the data from the collection database.