Build a container (C#)

Current version: 10.3

When working with Sitecore Experience Commerce Service API, you must include your Commerce Engine operations and commands within a container call.  You can re-use the same container for different Commerce operations.

The following is an example of how to build a container class using C#:

public Container AuthoringContainer()
  var container = new Container(new Uri("https://localhost:5000/api/"))
     MergeOption = MergeOption.OverwriteChanges, DisableInstanceAnnotationMaterialization = true };
     container.BuildingRequest += (s, e) =>;
        e.Headers.Add("ShopName", "CommerceEngineDefaultStorefront");
        e.Headers.Add("Language", "en-us");
        e.Headers.Add("Currency", "USD");
        e.Headers.Add("Environment", "HabitatAuthoring");
        e.Headers.Add("Authorization", SitecoreIdServerAuth.GetToken());
        e.Headers.Add("UserId", "UserId");
        e.Headers.Add("CustomerId", "CustomerId");
        e.Headers.Add("IsRegistered", "false");
      }; return container;

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