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Commerce terms and localization


Overview of the pipelines pertaining to Commerce terms and the policies that govern localization.

Commerce terms represent system messages and interface strings returned from the Commerce Engine and XC Business tools (for example, view properties, view actions, benefit names, and so on). Commerce terms that are keyed and stored in the Sitecore Experience Platform, for localization.

You can define custom system messages or Business tool terms, and the values for different available languages, directly in the Content Editor, at the following locations:

  • sitecore/Commerce/Commerce Engine Settings/Commerce Terms/Business Tools

  • sitecore/Commerce/Commerce Engine Settings/Commerce Terms/System Messages

The following table describes the pipelines that pertain to Commerce terms:




Returns a commerce term by path or CommerceTermKey in the current or specified language.


Returns multiple commerce terms by path or the parent CommerceTermKey in the current or specified language.


Returns a system message by CommerceTermKey in the current language.

The following policies govern localization:




Defines localization settings:

  • AllowCaching - the default is true.

  • MaxMessageSize - the default is 1024.


Defines the cache settings for localized terms:

  • AllowCaching - the default is true.

  • Expiration - the default is 300000 ms (5 minutes)

  • CacheName - the default is LocalizedTerms.