Promotions – benefits

Sitecore XC supports the following benefits when defining a promotion. Note that certain benefits require specific qualification conditions to apply.


The Commerce Engine does not support promotions that rely on a cart subtotal to apply a benefit on a line item.

The Commerce Engine calculates the subtotals, taxes and fulfillment costs (including promotions) on line items before it performs those calculations at the cart level. A promotion that benefits a line item is evaluated first, but if its qualification depends on a cart subtotal, the condition cannot be met because cart totals are calculated by the next pipeline. In such cases, the promotion is not applied.

Cart adjustments:

  • Get Cart Any Item Subtotal [specific] Amount Off

  • Get Cart Any Item Subtotal [specific] Percent Off

  • Get Cart Any Item Sell Price

  • Get Cart Subtotal [specific] Amount Off

  • Get Cart Subtotal [specific] Percent Off

Cart line adjustments:

  • Get Cart Item Subtotal [specific] Amount Off

  • Get Cart Item Subtotal [specific] Percent Off

Fulfillment adjustment:

  • Get Free Shipping