Add a custom Telerik RadSpell dictionary (.tdf)


How to add a custom Telerik RadSpell dictionary to a language.

Sitecore uses the Telerik RadSpell engine. By default, only French (fr-FR), English (en-US), and German (de-DE) are included. To add a custom dictionary:

  1. Download the required dictionary .zip file from Telerik's forum.

  2. Extract the .tdf file - for example, da-DK.tdf.

  3. Copy the .tdf file to the <root>\sitecore\shell\Controls\Rich Text Editor\Dictionaries folder, where <root> is the web root of a Content Management role or a standalone development environment.

  4. In the Content Editor, expand the /sitecore/system/Languages item and select the language item that you want to add the dictionary to - for example, da.

  5. In the Dictionary field, specify the dictionary file name from step 3 (for example, da-DK.tdf) and save the item.

    The dictionary file name in the Dictionary field