Sitecore Commerce public NuGet feed

Current version: 9.0

This information is for Sitecore Commerce. There is a similar topic for Sitecore Experience Platform.

Sitecore Commerce supports the NuGet package management system for distributing new Sitecore Commerce packages.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about using NuGet and Sitecore Commerce together:



What are the URLs of the NuGet feeds?

The URLs for the NuGet feeds are:

When are the packages available – immediately or soon after a Sitecore Commerce release?

Since the Sitecore Commerce NuGet packages are required to compile the Sitecore Commerce Engine SDK, they are considered as part of Sitecore Commerce release and are available immediately.

Will there be a private feed for MVPs who get the release early?

We have no plans for a separate MVP feed yet.

What content and versions are supported in Sitecore Commerce NuGet packages?

All Sitecore Commerce releases, starting with 8.2.1.

What is the typical use scenario for Sitecore Commerce Nuget packages?

Typically, when you compile the Sitecore Commerce Engine SDK, it resolves the dependencies from the Sitecore Commerce NuGet feeds according to the reference defined in projects.

Where is the Sitecore license for NuGet?

You can find the license file here: Sitecore Artifact License Agreement.

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