Using EditFrames

Current version: 9.0

EditFrames in the Experience Editor is a feature that you can use to give users front-end access to fields that are not directly accessible, either because they are not visible or they are of a type that are not directly front-end editable.

You use the EditFrames feature like this:

@using (Html.EditFrame("/sitecore/content/Home", null, "My custom title", "My custom tooltip", "cssClassName", null)) { <p>Inside of edit frame.</p> } 

The parameters are:

  • DataSource

  • Buttons

  • Title

  • Tooltip

  • CssClass

  • Parameters

You can pass the DataSource parameter in the following formats:

  • /sitecore/content/Home

  • {110D559F-DEA5-42EA-9C1C-8A5DF7E70EF9}

  • RenderingContext.Current.ContextItem.ID.ToString()

  • RenderingContext.Current.PageContext.Item.ID.ToString()

  • Html.Sitecore().CurrentRendering.DataSource

    To use this format, you must create a Data Source field in a rendering (Presentation, Details, Controls, Your Rendering).

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