Tracking and xConnect

Current version: 9.3

The tracker is used on Sitecore Content Delivery servers to track a contact during a session. The tracker has its own data model which is converted into a format for xConnect by the XConnectDataAdapter:

Tracker architecture.

The reason for this architecture is to limit the number of breaking changes between 8.2 and 9.0. With the tracker, you are able to:

  • Load contact facets from xConnect in read-only mode - changes to facets must be sent directly to xConnect

  • Trigger events - these are converted into xConnect events before session end

  • Save interaction facets - these are converted into an xConnect format on session end

  • Add additional identifiers to a contact - 9.0 adds support for multiple identifiers


Contact locking does not exist in 9.0. Contact data is read-only in the context of the tracker - to update facets, you must use the xConnect Client API directly. This means that other sources can update a contact with an ongoing session.

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