Walkthrough: Implementing a custom provider for text files

Current version: 4.0

This walkthrough describes how to build, deploy, and integrate a custom provider.

First, it shows you how to define the requirements for the provider. It then shows you how to create the components in the following table. When you have created the components, continue to the second walkthrough, which shows you how to use the components in a pipeline batch.



a Visual Studio project for your custom code

Create a Visual Studio project

a Sitecore element that can call the custom code

Create a provider in Sitecore

an endpoint that tells Sitecore how to connect to the source file

Create a template for an endpoint

Implement an endpoint settings plugin

Implement an endpoint converter

Set standard values on an endpoint converter

a pipeline step that can read from the source file

Implement a pipeline step

Create a template for pipeline steps

Implement a pipeline step converter

Implement a pipeline step processor

Set default values on a pipeline step template

components that can parse the input from the source file

Create a template for value accessors

Implement a value accessor converter

Set default values on a value accessor template

Create a template for value accessor sets

Set default values on a value accessor set template


Finished code and installation packages are available in GitHub.

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