Walkthrough: Implementing a troubleshooter component

Current version: 4.0

A troubleshooter is a component that lets a Sitecore user run logic that determines whether the selected Sitecore item is configured correctly and working properly.

This walkthrough adds a troubleshooter functionality to the file system provider configured in Walkthrough: Implementing a custom provider for text files. It adds a troubleshooter that can determine whether a file system endpoint is configured to use a file that the Sitecore server has access to.

Troubleshooters were originally designed for endpoints. They are used to let a user determine whether an endpoint is configured properly. This remains the primary use of troubleshooters, but they can be used on any type of item, provided the item inherits from the following Data Exchange Framework base templates:

  • Convertible

  • Troubleshootable

The walkthrough shows you how to:


Finished code and installation packages are available in GitHub.

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