Hide the Design Manager shortcut

By default, new ODG users have access to both the Design Manager and the Document Publisher. To make sure Document Publisher users do not see the Design Manager shortcut, you must disable the read access of the Design Manager.

To disable the read access of the Design Manager for a Document Publisher user:

  1. In the core database, click sitecore/Client/Applications/LaunchPad/Page Settings/Buttons/PXM/Design Manager and then click Assign.

  2. In the Assign Security Rights dialog box, select the Document Publisher user and in the Permissions for Design Manager section, disable the read access for Item and click OK.


You can also prevent a Design Manager user from accessing the Document Publisher space. To do this you must disable read access for the item in the core database at sitecore/Client/Applications/Launch Pad/Page Settings/Buttons/PXM/Document Publisher.

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