The roles and permissions


The access rights that different users have to Sitecore items, content, and functionality.

The following table gives you an overview of the security settings for both the Design Manager and the Document Publisher. Both users need standard Sitecore roles. You should create roles to arrange the access rights for folders. Then you can create users and assign roles and permissions.


By default, Document Publisher users see the Design Manager shortcut on the Sitecore dashboard. To make sure a Document Publisher user does not see the Design Manager shortcut, you need to disable read access.





Design Manager

Sitecore Client Securing

Sitecore Client Users

sitecore/ODG/Design Collections

Read, Write, Create, Delete, and Administer

Document Publisher

Sitecore Client Users

sitecore/ODG/Design Documents

Read, Write, Create, Delete

sitecore/ODG/Design Collections

Allow Read for Item

Disable Read for Descendants

Core database:


Applications/Launch Pad/Page Settings/Shortcuts/Design Manager

Disable Read for Item