Create a custom token for a rendering variant

Current version: 1.7

SXA lets you change the way components render by using rendering variants. If you quickly want to extend a rendering variant, you can use the custom resolveVariantTokens pipeline to extend the set of variant tokens.

A custom token can help you format certain field values and expose more complex data that is not available in normal rendering variant items, for example, because you want to do a transformation on the values of Sitecore items. This can be convenient when, for example, you want to display the parent item field in a rendering variant of the PageList component.

To create a custom token for a rendering variant:

  1. Define your own token by adding an additional processor to the resolveVariantTokens pipeline. First, create the token processor. For example, $parentName:

    public class ResolveParentName : ResolveVariantTokensProcessor
        public override string Token => "$parentname";
        public override void ResolveToken(ResolveVariantTokensArgs args)
            // this if statement is quite important in order to support this token in JSON Variants
            if (args.ResultControl != null)
                args.ResultControl.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl
                    Text = args.ContextItem.Parent.Name
                args.Result = args.ContextItem.Parent.Name;
  2. Register the processor in the resolveVariantTokens pipeline:

            <processor type="YOUR_NAMESPACE.ResolveParentName, YOUR_ASSEMBLY" resolve="true" />        
  3. To apply the token, in the Content Editor, navigate to the rendering variant that you want to add the token to and, in the Token field, enter the custom token using the $ key.

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