Clone an SXA site

Current version: 1.9

With SXA, you can quickly create a duplicate of a site by using the clone script. With a cloned site, you have an exact copy of the images, content, themes, and so on. The site operates exactly as the original, with the exception of the domain name. This can be convenient when you want to create a copy of your site to test modifications, when you want to create a live backup of your site, or when you want to deliver your site across different environments.

If you use the clone script to clone a site, the script copies all site content, themes, and media library items and changes the file locations to point to the new site, as follows:

  • The site content – /sitecore/content/Folder/Tenant/Site

  • The site themes – /sitecore/media library/Themes/Folder/Tenant/Site

  • The site media library items – /sitecore/media library/Project/Folder/Tenant/Site

To create a clone of an SXA site:

  1. In the Content Editor, right-click the site item, click Scripts, and click Clone Site.

    You can clone a site under the site item in the Content Editor.
  2. In the Clone a Site dialog box, enter a name and click OK. The clone of the site appears in the same Tenant item as the source site.

    When you have cloned a site, it appears under the same tenant item as the original.

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