Remove a tenant or a site

Current version: 9.3

Inevitably, you will need to remove tenants and/or sites from time to time.  In SXA, you can use a script to remove tenants (folders) and sites (folders) including all the media items and template folders that are created during the scaffolding process. Depending on what you want to remove, there are scripts  available to remove tenant folders, tenants, site folders, and sites.

To remove a tenant, site, or folder:

  1. In the Content Editor, right-click the tenant, site, or folder that you want to remove. 

  2. Click Scripts and then, depending on what you want to remove, click Remove TenantRemove SiteRemove Tenant Folder, or Remove Site Folder.

    For example, to remove the New tenant tenant:

  3. In the Message dialog box, to confirm that you want to remove, for example, the tenant, click OK.

    SXA now runs a script to remove the tenant, site, or folder and all the related templates and media files.

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