Sitecore 10.4 Experience Manager

Create, manage, and publish content to your website.

Sitecore Forms

Learn how to add a form to a webpage, prefill forms, set security roles, and create custom form elements.

Analyzing and reporting

How to configure and customize Experience Analytics reports.


Develop with Sitecore MVC.

Search and item buckets

Work with Sitecore Content Search and configure item buckets.

IP Geolocation

Sitecore IP Geolocation is a service that provides information about the location and owner of an IP address.

Device Detection

Personalize visitor experience and target campaigns for different devices.

Language fallback

In multilanguage solutions, you can set up and control which items or fields reuse content from another language.

Versioned layouts

Create, use, and reset versioned layouts.


Learn about the configuration details that Sitecore uses when recording dates and times in UTC.


A service layer on both the server and the client side of Sitecore applications that you use to develop data-driven applications.

Developing with Sitecore

Develop features in Sitecore.

Federated authentication

How to use external identity providers.

Sitecore on Azure

Deploy, manage, and maintain Sitecore on Microsoft Azure for a scalable and robust Cloud solution.

Sitecore Host

Sitecore Host and the plugin architecture.

Sitecore Identity

Sitecore Identity provides a mechanism for Sitecore login.

Azure WAF and ASE

Centralized inbound protection of your web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities using a web traffic load balancer that includes a Web Application Firewall.

Azure Monitoring and Alerts

Customize the tiles, dashboards, and alerts that you receive when you install Sitecore Application Level Monitoring.