Promotion exclusivity

Current version: 10.0

An exclusive promotion is a single, sole promotion that applies to an order. An exclusive promotion overrides and takes precedence over any non-exclusive promotions. You can configure any promotion to be exclusive.

Where there is only one exclusive promotion associated with an order, then that promotion applies. The Commerce Engine disregards any other non-exclusive promotions.

However, if there are multiple qualifying exclusive promotions for a particular order, the Commerce Engine must evaluate them in order to determine which one applies.

Exclusive promotions evaluation

When evaluating which promotions are applicable in a shopping cart, the Commerce Engine always looks for exclusive promotions first. Where only one exclusive promotion prequalifies, then that exclusive promotions applies.

Where there are multiple exclusive promotions that could potentially apply, the Commerce Engine evaluates them by applying a set of rules to elect a single qualifying exclusive promotion.

The following summarizes the evaluation rules for promotion exclusivity:

  1. The exclusive promotion with the highest priority is used.

  2. Where multiple qualifying exclusive promotions exist, but priority values are not decisive, the Commerce Engine evaluates promotions sharing a common (highest) priority value, and uses the following rules to determine which exclusive promotion applies:




    At least one exclusive promotion in the cart is an automatic promotion...

    The promotion with the oldest valid from date applies.

    Otherwise, the promotion with the oldest created date applies.

    All exclusive promotions in the shopping cart are coupon promotions...

    The first coupon promotion used applies.

    (not required).

This diagram can help you visualize the exclusive promotion evaluation process.

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