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The Horizon page editor


Introduction to Horizon Pages.

In the Horizon page editor, you can create new pages based on page templates, and you can edit existing pages. You can edit the fields of the selected page and the fields of any item rendered on the page. You can also add and remove renderings on the page.

The page editor is the default view in Pages - you can return to the page editor from other views by clicking the Page editor icon The page editor icon.

While you are editing a page in Horizon, you can switch between different device layouts to see what the page looks like on different devices.

You can undo and redo changes, and your work is saved automatically.

If a page belongs to a workflow, you can move the page through the workflow in the Horizon editor. If you have publishing rights, you can publish pages from the editor.


The content tree in Pages shows all content items with layout, and folders that are created from the standard folder template.