Search for items in Horizon

Current version: 10.1

You can use the Search field in any screen in Horizon to search for items. You can see the results for all types of items or you can filter the results to see only pages, content items, or media items. When you enter a keyword or phrase, the search engine searches for the keyword or phrase in all the fields that you can see in Horizon.

For example, you can search for:

  • Item name

  • Item ID

  • Item path

  • Data used in an item such as text in a text field, a template name, or media file name.

To search for content in Horizon:

  1. In the global toolbar, click the Search icon :

    The Search icon in the global toolbar

    The Search field opens and the All items filter is selected by default:

    The items filter in the Search field
  2. To select another filter, click the drop-down arrow and then click one of the following:

    • Pages – to search for items with presentation.

    • Content – to search for content items without presentation.

    • Media - to search for media items that are used in content or pages.


      If you search for Media, the list of results can contain both pages and content items where media items are used. When you click a result, it opens in the corresponding editor (Pages or Content).

    • All items - to search for pages, content, and media items.

    When you select a filter or click in the Search field, a list of your recent searches appears below the Search field.

  3. To repeat a previous search, click the keyword in the list.

  4. To start a new search, type a keyword or phrase in the Search field.

    • The keyword must contain at least three characters.

    • To see only exact matches, enclose the keyword in quotation marks.


    You cannot use * (asterisk) as a wildcard. Including * in the search criteria finds content that contains the * symbol.

  5. To open an item from the search results, click the item. The item opens in a new tab.


    Search results appear as you type and the first item in the search results is selected by default. Do not press Enter immediately after you type the keyword because when you press Enter, the selected item opens.

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