Create a segment

Current version: 10.2

When you create a segmented list, you can further segment the contacts in the included list source by adding a saved segment to the list. For example, if you want to target contacts based on when their birthday is, you can create and save a segment that includes all the contacts in your database where one of the following conditions is true:

  • where the contact's birthday is today

  • where the contact's birthday is a defined number of days after today

  • where the contact's birthday is a defined number of days before today

In the List Manager, you can create and save new segments that you want to use for segmenting your lists to include a very specific target audience.

To create and save a new segment:

  1. In the List Manager, click the Create menu, and then click Create segment.

    List Manager dialog, with the Create segment highlighted in red.
  2. On the Segment page, in the General information section, enter a name and a description for the segment.

  3. To use a segment as a filter in the reports you generate with Experience Analytics, enable the Use as analytics filter check box.

  4. In the Segmentation section, click Add new rule 

    The Segmentation section on the Segment page, with the Add new rule button highlighted in red.
  5. For the new rule, click Edit rule to specify the conditions that you want to segment your included contacts by.

    A new rule in the Segmentation section on the Segment page, showing the Edit rule button.
  6. In the Create rule dialog, in the Choose conditions field, select the relevant condition to segment your contacts by. For example, to segment your contacts by city, click the where the contact's preferred address country code compares to specific value.

    Alternatively, you can enter a search word to search for a specific condition.

    The Choose conditions field in the Create rule dialog, showing a search for "country".
  7. In the Edit rule field, click the underlined values to specify the actions for the selected conditions.


    You can add as many conditions in the rule description field as you want.

  8. When you have finished setting up the conditions and rules, click OK.

  9. Click Save to save your segment.

    You can further refine the segment by adding more rules or you can edit or delete the existing rules.

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