Sitecore AI - Automated personalization

Current version: 10.2

Sitecore AI 4.0 is compatible with Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 10.2.0

Sitecore AI – Automated Personalization enables you to enhance the personalization experience on your website. Sitecore AI - Automated Personalization is a SaaS-based feature, hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Sitecore AI – Automated Personalization uses machine learning to gain insights from visitors' previous experiences on your website. It provides a personalized experience for each visitor, based on their previous preferences and activities, and some of the visitor's characteristics such as country, or browser.

Automated Personalization simplifies the tasks you need to perform in the Content and Experience editors to build and deliver personalized experiences to your targeted end users. The heavy-duty work is handled by the Sitecore machine learning engine, and the Sitecore machine learning service.

You can monitor the performance of different component variants and other analytics in the Auto-personalization dashboard.

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