Using Sitecore AI automated personalization

Current version: 10.2

After the Sitecore AI Extension for Automated Personalization is installed, you can use automated personalization on existing content variants and launch personalized experiences on your website that target your end users individually.

With auto-personalization, you do not have to predefine any user segments to build and launch a personalized experience. Sitecore AI Automated Personalization predicts and recommends the best variant to induce user engagement, based on the end user’s actions and behaviors on your website.


With Sitecore AI Automated Personalization Standard, the machine learning service can train up to 20 personalized components. For additional auto-personalized components, Sitecore AI chooses variants randomly.

You can disable Automated Personalization at any time.

Using automated personalization on a component

The easiest and quickest way to start personalization on your website is to enable automated personalization at the component level. To enable auto-personalization on a component, you first ensure that variants exist for the component, and then turn on Automated Personalization on this component to let AI decide which variant is the best one to display to a visitor.

The following shows an example where auto-personalization is enabled at the component level.

Using automated personalization on personalization rules

You can enable auto-personalization on component personalization rules. This lets Sitecore AI decide which variant of a component to display when the conditions defined by the rules are met. You can mix standard personalization rule that specify a content variant with rules that use auto-personalization, where Sitecore AI decides which variant to use. When you use a mix of rules, you can arrange them in the order you want to apply them.

The following shows a configuration example where two personalization rules are mixed with Automated Personalization.

  • In the Signed in user promo, the rule is to let AI decide which is the best variant to recommend when the user is anonymous. When the user is signed in on your website, the personalization experience is switched to what is specified in the standard personalization rule.

  • In the October promo, the condition is to let AI decide which is the best variant to recommend when the month is October.

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