Configure Catalogs in SXA Storefront


This topic describes catalog configuration from SXA Storefront 1.0.2. In SXA Storefront 1.0.0 and 1.0.1, you configure the catalog and the categories to display on the storefront in the Commerce Control Panel, on the Catalog Configuration item under the respective storefront.

When you create a site using SXA storefront, the wizard creates the /sitecore/content/<tenant>/<site>/Home/Catalogs and /sitecore/content/<tenant>/<site>/Settings/Commerce/Catalog Configuration items. You can use these items to configure the catalogs for the site.

This topic describes how to:

You can configure multiple catalogs for a storefront. Each catalog can only be used by one storefront.


Multiple sites cannot share the same catalog in Sitecore as the catalog will only be indexed in one location and the other sites will not recognize catalog content outside their own site area. You can use a Postman script to clone existing catalogs if you want the same products on multiple storefronts. For more information about cloning a catalog, see the Commerce DevOps Guide.

To configure catalogs for a storefront:

  1. Navigate to the /sitecore/content/<tenant>/<site>/Home/Catalogs item.

  2. In the Selected Catalogs field, select one or more catalogs and click Save.


    Content for the catalogs starts to appear under the Catalogs item.

  3. To make the catalog data available and searchable on the storefront, publish and re-index both the master and web indexes.

To select the default catalog:

  1. Navigate to the /sitecore/content/<tenant>/<site>/Settings/Commerce/Catalog Configuration item.

  2. In the Catalog field, select the default catalog to use for the storefront.

When customers arrive on your storefront, they can use the category navigation bar and subcategory navigation lists to navigate in your catalog. You can specify what is shown in the navigation bar and subcategory lists on your storefront.

To select categories for the storefront:

  1. Navigate to the /sitecore/content/<tenant>/<site>/Settings/Commerce/Catalog Configuration item.

  2. In the Start Navigation Category field, select the category that you want to display in the Category Navigation rendering on your site.

    When a user navigates your storefront, the contents of the selected folder appears in the Category Navigation and associated Subcategory Navigation renderings.

    For example, on the SXA Storefront template site, in the Start Navigation Category field, you select the Departments folder is selected:


    On the live storefront, the category navigation bar contains the subcategories from the Departments category:

  3. To make the category page display products in the selected category and products in all the subcategories, select the Include subcategory products check box.


    From version 9.0.2, of Sitecore XC if a product is associated with multiple categories, it will have a unique ID and path in each location and each instance will be indexed as an individual item. As a consequence, searches on the storefront result in multiple hits for the same product. If you select the Include subcategory products option, you can avoid having duplicate entries, such as in the Habitat catalog.