Current version: 9.0

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) Business Tools give you the ability to create and manage promotions. The Promotions dashboard provides product marketers with a powerful tool set that they can use to create and manage promotions for the shopping cart and sellable items.

In the Sitecore XC Promotions business tool, a promotion defines a set of qualifying rules that must be met to apply benefits at the cart level or on specific sellable items. You set promotion qualification rules based on validity date/time, catalog, shop, or the customer order history. It is possible to apply multiple qualifications to a promotion, and multiple promotions to a shopping cart.

Before applying promotion benefits to items in a shopping cart or to the cart itself, the Commerce Engine evaluates each promotions and applies them according to a preestablished set of rules.

Elements of promotions

The configurable elements of promotions are:

  • Promotion books: a collection of promotions that are associated with a catalog. Promotion books provide the context in which you create promotions. A promotion book can only be associated to one catalog at a time. This is a required element.

  • Promotions: a set of one or more qualification rules and benefits that can be applied to specific sellable items, or at the cart level. The following are three main types of promotions that you can create:

    • An automatic promotion is a promotion that does not require the shopper to enter a coupon code during checkout.

    • A coupon promotion requires the shopper to enter a coupon code during checkout to be eligible for a benefit.

  • Qualifications: configurable rules that apply to determine eligibility to the discount or benefit that the promotion provides. Multiple qualification rules can be applied to a single promotion. Qualification can relate to product inventory, shopping carts, the sellable items in a shopping cart, specific groups of shoppers, the history of a specific shopper, the dates that the promotion runs, or to a specific shop.

  • Benefits: discounts that are applied to line items and to the cart as the result of a promotion, such as free shipping or 50% off the order total. You can add multiple benefits to a promotion. The same promotion can include benefit actions that apply to specific line items within the cart, and benefit actions that apply to the entire cart.

  • Public coupons: codes that can be used by any customer and that can be used multiple times on separate orders. Public coupons are frequently used for promotions that are publicized through social media marketing, or are displayed on the sellable item, category, or shop landing pages.

  • Private coupons: promotion codes that you generate and assign to single customers.

  • Approval workflow: promotions are subject to an approval workflow process. Only promotions in the approved status become active on the configured date.

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