Review an item in the Workbox

Current version: 9.0

The Workbox is a tool for reviewing and managing items that are in a workflow. When you need to review your items, use the Workbox to see all the items that are currently in workflows and the workflow states that they are in.

To review an item in the Workbox:

  1. In the Sitecore Launchpad, click Workbox.

  2. In the Workbox toolbar, in the Workflows group, select one or more workflows. The window displays the workflow states in each workflow, and the items that are in each state.

    The Workbox.
  3. For each item in a workflow state, click one of the following options:

    • Preview, to preview the latest version of the content item. This opens the latest version of the item in Experience Editor in a new browser window.


      To navigate to a different version of the item, in the Experience Editor, on the Versions toolbar, click Edit, and then click the Versions button to select the version.

    • Open, to open the item in the Content Editor.

    • Diff, to compare the differences between two versions of the same item. In the Compare Versions dialog box, select the two versions that you want to compare and whether to compare them in one field or side by side in two columns.

  4. When you have finished reviewing the item, you can apply one of the workflow commands that have been defined for the workflow state. For example, in the Awaiting Approval workflow state, you can approve or reject the item and thereby move it to the next appropriate workflow state.

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