Apply a campaign code to an online campaign

Current version: 9.1

A campaign activity is a promotion or advertising initiative designed to encourage people to visit a website. Campaigns run for a defined amount of time. You can use campaigns to get visitors to perform certain actions on your website.

When you create a campaign, the Campaign Creator generates a campaign tracking code. You apply this code to track external interactions, such as email campaigns or traffic coming from an external web source. This enables you to gather more detailed information about campaign traffic and efficiency using the dashboards in Experience Analytics.


When creating a new campaign activity, you must save the campaign activity before the Campaign Creator generates a campaign code.

To apply a campaign code to an online campaign:

  1. From the Sitecore Launchpad, open the Campaign Creator.

  2. On the landing page, click the campaign activity you want to associate with the online activity.

  3. In the campaign activity panel, under Campaign execution, in the Campaign link field, select the campaign link.

  4. Add the campaign link to the website URL where it is appropriate. This may vary from website to website.

  5. In this example, the website URL is:

    The query string provided for this campaign is:

    sc_camp= 0ED397C4784E4FA1834897A35461992A


    After you insert the query string, you must insert a question mark to complete the path because this is not included in the Campaign link field.

  6. In this example, the new query string is: 0ED397C4784E4FA1834897A35461992A

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