The Campaign Creator

Current version: 9.1

The Campaign Creator is a tool that lets you create and organize your campaign activities in one easy-to-use application. You can keep track of all your marketing activities, helping you monitor your campaigns and campaign effectiveness across channels and campaign groups.

You can use the Campaign Creator to create campaign activities. Then, you can organize your campaign activities by channel, campaign group, or other custom facets that reflect your organization's needs. You can create and deploy custom taxonomy tags in the Marketing Control Panel, then use them to organize your campaign activities in the Campaign Creator.

Create campaign activities

When you create a campaign activity, the Campaign Creator generates a campaign tracking code that you can use to track external interactions, such as email campaigns or traffic coming from an external web source. This enables you to gather more detailed information about how effective various channels and campaign activities are at generating traffic and engagement value on your website.

Track campaign activities

Once you have applied the campaign tracking code, you can open Experience Analytics from the Campaign Creator, enabling you to track how your campaigns are performing in real time. You can view traffic levels, engagement value, and engagement value per visit, providing you with information about how effective your campaigns are at generating value and traffic for your website. You can also compare how different campaign activities perform within a single campaign group, giving you insight into which channels provide the most value to your organization, and which channels could use optimization.

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