Test personalized components

Current version: 9.3

You might want to run a test on personalized components before you make the personalization active for all eligible site visitors. You run a personalization test for a limited time, and you choose how much website traffic is allotted to the test.

After the test ends and you apply the personalization to all eligible site visitors, you can continue to monitor the performance of the personalization using Personalization effect tracking.

Start a personalization test

  1. Set up a personalization rule on a component.

  2. In the Personalize the component dialog box, disable the Track effect of personalization on this component check box and click OK.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. If the item is part of a workflow, put the item through the workflow.

A notification appears in the notification bar for you to start the test. Now you can preview and start the test.


When you set up personalization rules on a component, Personalization effect tracking is enabled for the component by default. To create a personalization test for the component, you must disable the Track effect of personalization on this component option.

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