Understanding discrepancies in email campaign reports

Current version: 10.4

When you send an email campaign, Sitecore creates reports that show you how it performed and how recipients reacted. This provides important information that you can use to manage your business. Report statistics may be missing or outdated if you deleted a contact (along with all associated interactions, facets, and identifiers) once the contact data was no longer valuable to your business. This can happen when:

  • You delete a contact already on the recipient list but before the email campaign is sent.

  • A contact receives an email message as part of an ongoing email campaign but is then deleted from the xDB database.

In the first case, you might see a discrepancy between the Total Sent number and the Delivered percentage. In the following example, three email messages are sent but one is not sent because the recipient was purged from the database; however, the Delivered percentage still shows 100%.

Example of email reports showing a discrepancy between total sent and delivered percentage.

In the second case, you might see an empty contact list. In the following example, there are two contacts in the recipients list and one opened the email message sent; however, this contact has been deleted from the database so there is no recipient data to display in the Open and Click Rates report.

Example of an open and click rates report.

For more detailed information, you can review the EXM logs located in the /App_Data/logs folder. The following table lists common actions that produce report discrepancies.



A contact clicks on a link in an email message they have received after being removed from the contact list.

Cannot find the contact with identifier: Alias PII removed. Email events (for example, email click and campaigned triggered) will not be tracked.

A deleted contact opens an email.

Failed to process the email opened event as the contact with identifier: Alias PII removed cannot be found.

An email bounces after the contact is deleted.

Failed to updated the undelivered emails count as the contact with identifier: Alias PII removed cannot be found.

Failed to add contact 'Alias PII removed' to global opt out list.

Failed to remove the contact from the included list of the message with ID: f36264f8-430e-446f-ba69-9c51f29441b2 as the contact with iden... but no quotes heretifier: Alias PII removed cannot be found.

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