Email Experience Manager FAQ

Current version: 10.4

With the Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM), you can use everything you know about your customers to personalize every aspect of your emails—so you always send just the right email at just the right time to keep the cross-channel conversation moving forward.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about EXM:



Are there pre-built EXM templates that I can use?

Yes. See the email campaign templates.

Can I build versions in multiple languages?

Yes. See Create a new language version of a message.

Can I export a segmented contact list from the List Manager?


Can I import a design from a web page?

Yes. When you create the email campaign, select the Existing page template.

Can I pause an email campaign and resume at a later time?

Yes. Use the options on the Delivery tab to deactivate the campaign and re-schedule it. See Send an email campaign.

Can I track and report the number and percentage of message recipients who subsequently opt out or unsubscribe from email communications (by campaign)?

Yes. Review the Unsubscribed report. See The email campaign reports.

Can the EXM module run without xDB?

No. EXM does not support CMS-only mode.

Can an email address be considered unusable after a defined number of soft or hard bounces (e.g., one hard bounce)?

Yes. See Emails that bounce.

Does EXM support mobile optimized emails?

Depends on how the email rendering is built.

Why is EXM report data incorrect or missing?

See Understanding report discrepancies.

How can I see the email interaction metrics?

Yes. See the email campaign reports.

How do I include a link in the email message to enable recipients to open it in a browser?

See Include a link to the online version of a message.

How do I change the language in which email campaigns are created by default?

You do this in the User Manager by defining language settings. Do not do this through the Content Editor.

How do I trigger the delivery of an email?

The delivery of an email message can occur automatically:

What are the server roles and dependencies for EXM?

See Server roles and dependencies.

Where can I find the EXM Experience Generator so that I can generate data to test my EXM campaigns?

It is available on GitHub.

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