The navigation renderings

Current version: 10.0

Navigation is an important part of any page. SXA comes with a great variety of navigation variants and styles. By default, the following navigation renderings are available:

  • Archive - provides clear chronological navigation and divides content into years, months, weeks, or days. Good for blog pages.

    The archive component.
  • Breadcrumb - generates a breadcrumb that lists all path items from the root to the current item. Supports rendering variants.

    The Breadcrumb component.
  • Link and Link list - a link adds a link to a sibling or parent page, a page from browsing history, an arbitrary page or a resource. Using this dedicated component for your links helps you to make sure all your hyperlinks lead exactly where they should, in a browser window you would expect, with a correct class and a proper description. A Link list rendering displays lists with items that contain a title, link, and text.

    The Link list component.
  • Navigation - generates a navigation menu. The navigation renderings in SXA help you design navigation in a way that helps website users. See Add navigation for more details on styling.

    Big/Fat navigation component.

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