Working with the Customer Engagement Console

Sitecore Discover Customer Engagement Console (CEC) provides merchandisers, other business users, developers and administrators a single point of access to the various tools required to interact with the Discover system. This topic provides a brief description of each functional area of the CEC that is accessible from the menu bar.

When you log in to the CEC, the Site performance page displays useful information about your site performance. This is the home page of the CEC.

The CEC is divided into multiple functional areas that you access using the menu bar located on the left of every CEC page.

The functional areas of the CEC are:

  • or Site performance - the CEC home page. Provides useful analytics data about your site performance. This is the home page displayed when you first log in to the CEC.

  • or Pages - contains your Discover powered pages such as product listing pages and search result pages or other pages used on your site. This is the area that lets you create custom promotional landing pages that utilize merchandizing widgets.

  • or Widgets - the widget workbench. Widgets are the dynamic components that encapsulate the search or recommendation experiences.

  • or Email recommendation widgets - recommendation widgets used for email messages.


    This area is only available if your Discover implementation includes email recommendations.

  • or Analytics - gives you access to various reports that provide insight into the performance of your websites, visitors, pages, widgets, product catalog, data feeds, and Discover functionality.

  • or Global resources - an area that lets you set up and configure rules or assets across all Discover experiences.

  • or Catalog - lets you view and work with data about your products, categories, and site visitors.

  • or Developer resources - provides access to tools for developers that let you learn about and test our services.

  • or Administration - provides access to various administrative tools that you use to maintain your implementation, manage users, or make changes to the Discover configuration when required.

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