Monitor performance

The Analytics section of Sitecore Discover Customer Engagement Console (CEC) contains many reports to monitor Discover-powered websites. These reports provide insights into the performance of your implementation. They include those for domains, widgets, keywords, and catalog content.

Understanding the data behind the reports

Integration enables tracking for user interaction on your website. Tracked events and metrics include searches, visits, views, clicks, and conversions. Following a multi-touch attribution model, we attribute all metrics to various user interactions. This makes the metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) information and data rich.

A typical report contains multiple interactive tabular data and visualizations like line, pie, and funnel charts. Discover offers many full-screen reports to provide you with business intelligence on all aspects of your website.

Most of the reports allow you to filter data according to date ranges, locales, device types and other values. Changing any of these filters regenerates the entire report because the data set changes.

For a full list of features, see Exploring data.

Making the most of your reports

Data filter settings persist to the next report you open. You can save reports along with data filter settings and other configurable elements. Saved reports can be scheduled for email delivery.

For tips on saving and sharing reports, see Working with reports.

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