Monitor an event using the Event Monitor

You can use the Event Monitor to verify widget events, funnel events, and request events on each of your online experiences. This topic describes how to monitor an event on your home page using the Event Monitor.

To monitor an event using the Event Monitor:

  1. Log in to the CEC with your email address and password at

  2. On the Developer Resources page, click Event Monitor.

  3. Paste your UUID in the UUID field.


    You can find your UUID by navigating to your website and examining your browser cookies for the __ruid cookie.

  4. In the Event Occurrence in Session section, in the drop-down menu, click the experience you are testing on your site.

  5. Click Start Monitoring.

  6. Navigate to the experience you are testing and interact with the page by viewing widgets, adding bookmarks, adding reviews, and so on. While you do this, the Event Monitor updates to display the list of events published by both your site and Search.

  7. Navigate back to the Event Monitor. The events associated with your product click are displayed on the page, along with all other Search events, in the order they were sent to Search.

  8. On the event, click Event Details to view the payload.

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