The API Access tab

You can find information about how to access the Sitecore Search APIs on the API Access tab on the Developer Resources page of the Customer Engagement Console (CEC).

The API Access tab includes the following sections:

  • Customer Key - displays your customer key, which is required for the Events API.


    The customer key is a combination of your account ID and your domain ID, separated by a hyphen (-). For example, if your account ID is 17595242 and your domain ID is 15987155, your customer key is 17595242-159871551.

  • API Hosts - lists the endpoints for the server, authentication, the Discover (Search and Recommendation) API, and the Events API.

  • API Keys - lists the unique 52-character secret codes assigned to you. These keys have scopes for the Discover (Search and Recommendation) and Events APIs.


    When you first create a domain, no API key is assigned. When you subscribe to a vertical type (in this case, Search), you are assigned a default API key automatically.

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