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Access the latest documentation for Sitecore Send, an AI-powered email marketing solution with no-code campaign automation.

What's new

Learn about new business features and enhancements for Sitecore Send user documentation and developer documentation.

Business User Documentation

If you are a marketer or other business user, you can access business user documentation for the following features.


Use regular, RSS, or repeatable campaigns to reach your target audiences. Learn how to organize, schedule, and re-send campaigns.


Automatically trigger emails based on real-time user behavior like abandoned carts.

Audience Discovery

Build campaigns through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Identify audiences based on their behavior and preferences to create campaigns with personalized content.

Developer Documentation

Use the Sitecore Send documentation to programatically manage mailing lists, subscribers, campaigns, and segments.

Getting Started

Learn everything you need to know about making API requests including authentication and request methods.

API Reference

Access requests and responses for mailing lists, subscribers, campaigns, and segments.