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Work with audience discovery automations


How to work with automated segments and campaigns.

You can use your automated segments and campaigns as they are, or edit them.

When you set the Use Audience Discovery Tracking switch to On, the two switches Automated segments and Automated campaigns appear.

You can either enable automated segments only, or enable both automated campaigns as well as automated segments:

  • To enable automated segments, set the Automated segments switch to On.

  • To enable automated campaigns, set the Automated campaigns switch to On.

    This automatically enables Automated segments as well because the campaigns use data from automated segments.

To disable automated segments or automated campaigns and segments, set the appropriate switch to Off.


When you disabled automated segments or campaigns, they remain on your account but will no longer be updated.

When you edit an automated segment or campaign and save it, it is no longer automatically updated.

When you edit a campaign, the segment that it is based on will continue to be automatically updated unless you edit that segment itself.


When you have edited an automated segment or campaign, a new one is automatically created, based on the data from your website.

Editing means:

  • Changing the name of the segment or campaign.

  • Deleting the audience discovery label.

  • For segments also:

    • Changing an existing rule or adding a new rule.

    • Changing a value of a Fetch field.