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The CLI edge command


Reference for the Sitecore CLI edge command for managing Experience Edge GraphQL endpoint API keys.

The Sitecore Experience Edge plugin provides the edge command. The command has subcommands that help you authenticate within an organization, list and switch tenants, and manage API keys for your Experience Edge GraphQL endpoint.

You can use the edge command as follows:

dotnet sitecore edge [options] 

To use one of the cloud subcommands:

dotnet sitecore edge [subcommand] [options]

Subcommands have subcommands (operations) and options of their own. For detailed usage information, refer to the documentation of each edge subcommand.

The edge command has the following option:



-?, -h, --help

When provided, the CLI displays developer help and usage information about the command.

You can use the following edge subcommands:

  • login - authenticates you through the CLI with an organization, granting you the necessary access tokens and claims.

  • tenant - provides subcommands that help you find out what the current selected Edge tenant is, list all available Edge tenants of the organization the user is logged in to, and change the Edge tenant used for upcoming operations.

  • apikey - provides subcommands for working with the Edge API keys.