Validate serialized content items

Current version: 10.1

Each time you run the serialization commands, the Sitecore Content Serialization (SCS) system automatically validates the content items in your file system against the content items in a Sitecore instance to make sure that they all are in the right place and that their references are in order.

You can at any point perform a manual validation of your content items.

To manually validate your content items:

  • Run the sitecore ser validate command.

If you get a validation error, you can run the sitecore ser validate --fix command to correct the most common issues.


If the --fix command finds duplicate content items in your file system, it keeps the last updated one and deletes the oldest one. For example, if you renamed an item and added it to the repository, but the old copy (with the same ID) remains in the repository, the --fix argument deletes the old copy and keeps the version with the new name.

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