Entitlement overview

Current version: 10.2

Entitlements represent digital rights, usually acquired through a purchase. For example, if a customer buys an online movie, the customer is purchasing the rights to view the movie (and not the movie itself).

Entitlements are often only available for a limited time or other restrictions apply. For example, a customer can rent a movie online but can only view that movie in certain countries, or for a certain period of time, or in certain formats. Entitlements provide the ability to store those rights and the policies that govern access in a generic way that can be extended to meet a solution developer’s needs.

Provisioning entitlements

When an order containing digital items is released, the ReleasedOrdersMinionPipeline calls the ProvisionEntitlementsPipeline. This creates the order's entitlements and links them to the order and the order's customer (if the customer is authenticated).

Deleting entitlements

Entitlements are not actually deleted from the system. They are logically deleted by adding a DeletedEntitlementComponent, which indicates it has been deleted and no longer included in the views that return entitlements for orders or customers.

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