Entitlements service

Current version: 10.2

The Entitlements service is provided by the Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Entitlements plugin.

An entitlement represents a trackable unit of ownership or license, with the ability to track unit quantities as they change due to customer or ambient activity. This allows a separation of concerns between rights to access a digital product or the tracking of activity on a customer’s behalf.

Example entitlements include:

  • gift card

  • warranty

  • installation service

  • digital product

  • loyalty membership

Entitlement capabilities include:

  • separate provisioning process for an entitlement when an order is placed

  • separate tracking of a customer’s current entitlements from the original order that caused it to be provisioned

  • ability to track a quantity on an entitlement that is relevant to the entitlement, such as the current value of a gift card or the current number of loyalty points accumulated, and so on

  • ability to remove an entitlement from a customer

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