Manually rebuild Sitecore XP indexes

Current version: 10.2

There are situations where you need to completely rebuild Sitecore search indexes, for example, when you deploy to a production environment, when you have new or changed content to re-index, when indexes are out of date, or when indexes have been corrupted.

You can manually trigger a complete rebuild of the Sitecore master and web indexes to ensure that they reflect the latest changes in your Commerce data. The following procedure shows how to rebuild Sitecore XP indexes using the Sitecore Control Panel, but there are other ways to perform a complete rebuild of Sitecore search indexes.

Alternatively, you can perform a partial update of the Sitecore master and web indexes, by only re-indexing Commerce content within those indexes, using Postman API requests.


It is best practice to rebuild each index separately. It does not matter which one you choose to build first.

To rebuild a Sitecore search index :

  1. From the Sitecore Launchpad, open the Control Panel.

  2. In the Indexing section, click Indexing Manager.

  3. In the Indexing Manager dialog box, select sitecore_master_index and click Rebuild.

  4. When the Sitecore master index is rebuilt, repeat the steps above to rebuild the sitecore_web_index.

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