Remove custom code from a Commerce solution

Current version: 10.2

If you want to remove custom code from a Commerce Engine solution, and make the necessary modifications to policy files as a result, you must follow a specific workflow to avoid breaking the solution.


Do not start by modifying binaries if policy changes are required. Refer to the following workflow to remove custom code.

To remove custom code from a Commerce solution:

  1. Make all the required changes to the affected policy files.

    For example, if you implemented a custom Solr index field handler, and for some reason you now want to remove it, open the PlugIn.Search.Solr.PolicySet-1.0.0.json file (located under netpub\wwwroot\<CommerceMinions_Sc>\wwwroot\data\Environments), remove the custom handler type definition that is no longer needed, and then save your changes.

  2. Bootstrap the Commerce Engine environment to save the configuration changes to the database.

  3. Make the changes to the binaries to remove unnecessary code.

  4. Deploy the updated solution.

  5. In Microsoft IIS Manager, restart the Commerce Engine service.

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