Scaling Commerce caches with Redis Cluster

Current version: 10.2

Starting with Sitecore XC 10.2, you have the option to use Redis Cluster for Commerce distributed caching. The Redis Cluster option provides better scalability than stand-alone Redis for Commerce Engine (CE) and CE Connect caching.


The default Sitecore XC deployment uses stand-alone Redis, but you can change the configuration of an existing default deployment to use your Redis Cluster.

A Redis Cluster is a set of Redis server instances running in cluster mode. With Redis Cluster, Commerce Engine (CE) and CE Connect each require their own cluster of Redis servers. Unlike stand-alone Redis, Redis Cluster does not support multiple databases. A Redis cluster only uses database 0.

There is no additional configuration required in the Commerce Engine or on the CE Connect side when you deploy Sitecore XC with Redis in cluster mode. Configuration changes are only required when changing the Redis mode used in an existing deployment, for example, to switch from using stand-alone Redis to using Redis Cluster.

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