Shops components

Current version: 10.2

Shops components include:

  • OnlineShopComponent – aspects of an online shop. The ServiceUrl is the URL of the shop.

  • ShopFinancialsComponents – financial aspects that may be used for financial reporting including:

  • LegalEntity

  • DefaultCustomer

  • BusinessUnit

  • CostCenter

  • Department

The shops components represent an extension point on whether other policies/components can be inserted by various plugins, by listening for the GetShop pipeline.

Validation is performed on every call before processing a request in the OnActionExecuting event. Any errors cause an HttpBadRequest with the localized message for each of the following:

  • InvalidStorefront –the storefront requested does not exist.

  • InvalidStorefrontCurrency – the currency requested is not valid for this storefront.

A ServiceAPI is provided for retrieving shop information, as follows:

  • /api/Shops – retrieves a list of shops.

  • /api/Shops('Storefront')?&expand=Components – retrieves a single shop instance.

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